[maemo-users] maemo wiki

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Wed Jun 13 12:17:18 EEST 2007

is there equivalent of http://maemo.org/maemowiki/RecentChanges in new 
wiki? This was my first and most used page in old wiki and I miss it 
very much.

Also is it possible to have some easier/faster wiki editing system than 
the fancy ajax style with menu etc? Either I am too stupid to use it or 
it is buggy in firefox 2.0.4 or maybe it simply sucks. The old one (one 
simple textbox with preview on same page and few buttons) was heaven. 
Since the website update I am mostly ignoring the wiki as the editing 
experience is frustrating to me (slow, too many steps, buggy preview 
which sometimes works sometimes not). Also I am a bit lost without the 
RecentChanges page.

Basically the old wiki was perfect in many ways (except the spam) and I 
could recommend it to newbies and even suggest them to edit pages as it 
was really easy. With the new wiki I wouldn't dare to suggest to anyone 
to edit or create some page there. I tried to like the new system and 
gave it some time but so far I simply failed :-)

My issues with the wiki (using firefox 2.0.4)
- login is lost after I close the window, anonymous editing (and other 
features like diffs, version info) not possible
- floating menu after login it too cumbersome to use, old way 
(buttons/links in page) was much easier
- edit/preview/save cycle is too fancy, slow, not intuitive and also 
buggy, happened to me that the preview button did nothing or some of the 
save/preview buttons was missing completely is some steps so I could not 
finish editing the page
- features are missing or are hard to use - recent changes for whole 
wiki, easy diffs between versions
- old wiki was usable (including editing pages) directly from the device

Basically I would prefer some non-ajax dumb layout resembling the old one.


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