[maemo-users] Problem with maemo-mapper on N770

From: Karl Eichwalder ke at gnu.franken.de
Date: Thu Nov 1 23:36:58 EET 2007
> I just did apt-get install maemo-mapper, but since it is OS2007 that
> might be for the n800? So I'll need the one designated for OS2006
> instead, from maemo-mapper downloads page?

I could not get maemo-mapper to work on the (previous?) hacker edition;
I tried maemo-mapper versions, though.  At the moment, I'm running
1.4.7 on the last official Nokia release and it mostly works.[*]

Sometimes it refuses to start.  In those cases, try a again.  It may
take 5 times...  Once a broking tile was laying around and I obviously
have had to remove the downloaded OSM maps.

[*]If the Nokia 770 refuses to do anything, put the cover on it, open
again and disable GPS for the moment.  You may loose the tail of your
track, but then you will be able to save the first part of the track.


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