[maemo-users] N800 headphone

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Sat Nov 3 07:45:02 EET 2007
On Thursday 01 November 2007 06:18:05 pm Peter Flynn wrote:
> Looks like the guy on Ebay who sold me the N800 left out the headphone
> and can't find it. Duuh.
> I can't locate a replacement (perhaps unsurprisingly) and the Nokia
> dealers here (Ireland) seem to be phone-only people and haven't come
> across the N800.
> Does anyone know of a place to buy a replacement? The Nokia web site is
> all Flash about phones and doesn't seem to deal with spares.
> ///Peter
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The headphone for the 6103 nokia cell phone is nearly identical as like the 
n800 it has a radio.  (I lost my n800 phones so I use ones for my phone) just 
make sure you get the stereo ones not the mono.

But just for listening I've a set of labtech noise reduction cans that work 


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