[maemo-users] non-English blogs on Planet maemo?

From: Simon Pickering S.G.Pickering at bath.ac.uk
Date: Sat Nov 3 12:59:21 EET 2007
>> Everybody is a foreigner.
> Yes, of course ;-) That's why I had put 'foreign' between quotes.
>> How should we implement this? The options seem
>> to be:
>> 1 - All feeds in one planet stream.
>> 2 - Apartheid English - All The Rest
>> 3 - Par language planets.
> I'd vote for #1: apartheid is never the solution ;-) But I really
> don't care!

I don't speak Portuguese, so where there were (a while back) blog 
entries in Planet from our Brazilian compatriots they were of little or 
no use to me and in fact just took up space pushing out other entries 
that I might have been able to read. On the flip side I do speak French 
and German, so am happy with any Planet entries in these languages.

So it's not that I support 'apartheid', but I think that if you clutter 
the Planet list with articles that people can't read it will be 
annoying for them (and I think you'll find that a lot of the English 
speaking crowd don't speak other languages). Would it be possible to 
assign each Planet entry with a language flag and then allow the reader 
to choose which languages they want to see? The language decision could 
either by done by analysing the entry itself (which may be difficult) 
or by getting us (the readers) to assign it a language when it first 
appears in Planet, or by simply assigning all entries from a given URL 
the same language (i.e. all of Thoughfix's entries are English).

I suppose this is a bit like #3 above, but if the user could select 
which languages they want entries in (so I'd choose English, French, 
German) then it becomes like #1, but with filtering.



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