[maemo-users] problems with installing tapioca

From: harini satyanarayanan hpundis1 at binghamton.edu
Date: Mon Nov 5 17:13:13 EET 2007
    I need to install a VOIP client on the N770. I need an application whose
source code is available and the application should be in such a way that i
am able to extend and customize it to my use. I found Tapioca that perfectly
suited all my needs. But  I am not able to install it  on my  N770. I have
the OS 2006. I also tried on the OS 2007.
url               : http://www.maemo.org.br/VoIP/apt/
distribution   : mistral
components : main

but it says cannot refresh package. I did try installing it through the
terminal but since i do not have root access to the device it does not allow
me to do an apt-update. When i checked the URL i realized that under
distributions there isint any mistral and i couldnt find any ARM based .deb
files, all the deb files were for i386.

I am not sure if i am missing something in my installtion, or is it that
tapioca no longer works. I am not sure what the problem is, I kindly request
for some help.

Thanks in advance,
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