[maemo-users] N800 Mail Question

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Tue Nov 6 02:55:49 EET 2007
Thanks, Fred.  That is what I do also; however, I also travel a lot and
whenever the mail package polls it lights up the screen (even when locked).
I use my N800 as my alarm clock and having the screen 'awake' when it polls
(actually when it finds an e-mail to download) is very irritating as I
shutdown my e-mail package @ home when I'm on the road.

I do agree about setting a default mail program - that would be a great
feature! Nokia...... :-) And there's no question about the seamless upgrades
- totally agree.


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Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
> I don't use Claws.  I use the mail program that came with the N800.  Prior
> to the release I installed in August (not the recent patch release) I
> tell the mail program not to automatically poll for mail.  
> Under 'tools', 'settings' there is a checkbox to 'update automatically.'
> is unchecked; however, mail still polls as long as a network connection
> exists.  This is very frustrating.  
> Is anyone else having this problem? Even if I were to upgrade to Claws,
> wouldn't stop this mail package from polling...
I see the "email polling" as more of a feature than a problem.  My SOP 
is to just ignore the built in email program as much as possible.  The 
polling is a very minor side show in most respects. As part of ignoring 
it, I set it so it deletes mails older than a couple days old...  or 
something like that.

 It would be nice to be able to configure Claws (or whatever email 
program one uses) as the default email program.  I suppose that will 
happen at some point as development moves forward. For all I know, it's 
possible now, if one knows how to poke the right buttons.  IMHO, there's 
other things that ought to take a higher priority, like seemless OS 

Always, Fred
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