[maemo-users] USB keyboard on n800?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Wed Nov 7 11:46:21 EET 2007
Luca Olivetti wrote:
> As in "I think it'll work" or "I have it working right in front of me"?
> I'm asking because most of the reports out there say that it just 
> doesn't work (or maybe they didn't try hard enough).

Mostly as in "I have it working right in front of me". I haven't tried 
USB keyboard (no such thing in our house) but I have tried usb stick 
which claims to require 80mA and it works just fine powered from N800. I 
  also tried unmodified USB hub with external (battery) power and other 
devices are detected or work fine with this too - 2.5" usb disk, USB 
gamepad, USB mouse. the gamepad unfortunately claims it needs 500mA 
(possibly because of force feedback feature I don't need) so it needs 
external power. It was quite cheap ($8.88 including postage) and has 
digital/analog switch and 8 usable buttons so I am happy with it anyway. 
I hope I can make it working with quake, duke3d and emulators.

BTW gamepad and mouse is detected by HID driver which shows nasty 
bug/feature of OS2007. Once you attach any HID device, virtual keyboard 
is turned off. This may be nice with keyboard but makes device almost 
unusable when connectiong just mouse or keypad :-) If anyone knows how 
to fix this let us know. Hopefully it is just modification of some script.


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