[maemo-users] repo usage problem

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Wed Nov 7 18:02:53 EET 2007
Last few days I have a problem connecting maemo.org
repository for my gregale os. Using "yu" domain I
go trough directories and when I choose file to get,
I have apache server saying "authorization required".
It wouldn't be an issue if I cannot refresh lists
in application manager on 770. Could someone point
me to the right person to check this server options
and correct the annoyance?
If I use another domain, from remote box, I have all
files downloaded as they should be. I suppose it is
domain issue, since not just my home isp has this
kind of auth request denial.
I'll post all necessery data about this if needed.
I refresh app list via home wifi and see no other
way to connect servers to do the task. No configura-
tion changed in between. Desktop browsers firefox and
lynx with cookies and js turned off, as usual.


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