[maemo-users] Multi Profile Setup

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Tue Nov 13 10:08:54 EET 2007
Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> Hello,
> I am wondering if anybody has experimented with a setup for an N770/N800 which 
> allows several people to share such a device, i.e. using multiple accounts on 
> an N770/N800 and depending on who is using the device, login as the 
> appropriate user and everything is setup correctly (email accounts, rss 
> feeds, etc.).

I think this was already asked some time ago (maybe even by you?)

One very simple solution is to boot from several partitions on mmc, each 
person having its own system. This wastes space so if it is a problem, 
one can perhaps share clean system from one partition and overlay it 
with another one via unionfs http://www.filesystems.org/project-unionfs.html

Another issue is rebooting (it does too much and can help to kill your 
display with 770), this can be solved by modifying startup/shutdown 
sequence to not to reboot completely (i.e. go to bootloader and load 
linux kernel again) but to stop everything, go back to initfs and start 
again with different rootfs.

Proper multi-user system like on linux desktop might work too but I 
would expect various problems with some user settings being system-wide 
etc so separate rootfs seems to me like better solution, each user can 
have its own set of installed applications.

I was already thinking about tweaking initfs and rootfs boot scripts to 
restart system without going through bootloader and kernel again but so 
far had no spare time for this. Adding unionfs to initfs and bootmenu 
options is next step. This could be useful also for developers, one 
could add another unionfs layer over rootfs, test some dangerous stuff 
and then remove the layer and go back to previous system.


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