[maemo-users] Remote PC access via tablet browser

From: DrFredC.com drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Thu Nov 15 19:54:46 EET 2007
If anyone is interested in remotely accessing their PC with their 
internet tablet (or any other PC), take a look at logmein.com.

    * Setup -- Sign up for a free account at logmein.com and then
      download and install the applet on your PC. You can set up
      multiple PCs for access via the same logmein account.  Once set
      up, you can access these computers remotely via any browser. 
    * Fine print -- logmein installs an applet that runs in background
      on your PC.  Presumably, this doesn't add a lot of overhead to
      your PC. 
    * There's a discussion of the security issues at logmein.com if
      anyone's concerned.
    * Pro trial -- You get a free month/90 minutes of the Pro version.
      The pro version offers printing, file transfer and some other
      bling that many find worth paying a subscription for. This funds
      the free side of things.
    * Free Version -- after your month runs out, you get the Free
      logmein version, which limits you to remote access of your pc's
      desktop and programs. This is adequate for many uses. I suppose a
      kludge workaround for the lost of file transfers in the 'free
      version' might be to email yourself any files you might need.
    * Keyboard input -- to enter text into the remote, there's a window
      on the top of your browser screen that lets you type stuff in,
      that you send to the remote PC when you are ready to send.
    * Speed Issue -- on the n800, whenever you do anything on the remote
      PC, the screen blanks and rewrites itself to account for the
      change. In other words, don't expect to do a lot of work remotely.
    * It's great for accessing appointment books, looking at files and
      stuff like that. It helps to provide easy one click icon access on
      your PC desktop to the things you might want to access remotely.

Always, Fred


Always, Dr Fred C
drfredc at drfredc.com

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