[maemo-users] Remote PC access via tablet browser

From: David Leinbach david at leinbach.name
Date: Thu Nov 15 21:39:47 EET 2007
I have been using LogMeIn for quite a while but last time I tried it didn't
work from the Internet Tablet.  I just tried again and can now get in but
there are issues with scrolling - still not quite there in my opinion.

On 11/15/07, DrFredC.com <drfredc at drfredc.com> wrote:
> If anyone is interested in remotely accessing their PC with their
> internet tablet (or any other PC), take a look at logmein.com.
> **
>     * Setup -- Sign up for a free account at logmein.com and then
>       download and install the applet on your PC. You can set up
>       multiple PCs for access via the same logmein account.  Once set
>       up, you can access these computers remotely via any browser.
>     * Fine print -- logmein installs an applet that runs in background
>       on your PC.  Presumably, this doesn't add a lot of overhead to
>       your PC.
>     * There's a discussion of the security issues at logmein.com if
>       anyone's concerned.
>     * Pro trial -- You get a free month/90 minutes of the Pro version.
>       The pro version offers printing, file transfer and some other
>       bling that many find worth paying a subscription for. This funds
>       the free side of things.
>     * Free Version -- after your month runs out, you get the Free
>       logmein version, which limits you to remote access of your pc's
>       desktop and programs. This is adequate for many uses. I suppose a
>       kludge workaround for the lost of file transfers in the 'free
>       version' might be to email yourself any files you might need.
>     * Keyboard input -- to enter text into the remote, there's a window
>       on the top of your browser screen that lets you type stuff in,
>       that you send to the remote PC when you are ready to send.
>     * Speed Issue -- on the n800, whenever you do anything on the remote
>       PC, the screen blanks and rewrites itself to account for the
>       change. In other words, don't expect to do a lot of work remotely.
>     * It's great for accessing appointment books, looking at files and
>       stuff like that. It helps to provide easy one click icon access on
>       your PC desktop to the things you might want to access remotely.
> Always, Fred
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> Always, Dr Fred C
> drfredc at drfredc.com
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