[maemo-users] maemo.org localization (was Re: non-English blogs on Planet maemo?)

From: Christian Otto Stelter cosinus at unit42.de
Date: Fri Nov 16 14:53:54 EET 2007

Quim Gil wrote:
> (((we are still waiting for you to decide *clearly* on the Planet thing:
> all languages mixed, apartheid English-Other or several planets per
> language?)))

I would like to see one planet per language.

The optimum would be a per user-control somewhere in the profile 
settings to choose the languages the user wants to see on one planet 
maemo page. For me this would be english + german blogs which could be 

> On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 15:32 +0100, ext Christian Otto Stelter wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Rafael Proença wrote:
>>> Now that it came up, I recently noticed that there are not many (if any) 
>>> localized versions of the Maemo community resources. I mean, localized 
>>> versions of the Website, Planet, Wiki, and so on would be really 
>>> interesting.
> If someone wants to go through this path the first sane thing to do is
> to differentiate stable content from all the rest. 
> Even before that it would be good to differentiate the scope. 
> What do you want to translate, really? Information for end users? 

Translations of the wiki would be very useful also for non power users. 
At least for the stuff suitable for non power users. Pointers to 
language-specific content on the intro would page also be nice. May be a 
link to a small site map page. Or a row of flags which lead to a 
corresponding language site overview.

btw. http://maemo.org/community/wiki/wikireorg/ leads currently to an 
infinite loop.

> Check first the nokia.com pages, there is a big load of content relating to
> the tablets (and also to the OS) and these pages are multilingual - yet
> mostly unknown even between tablet regulars.

Linkage? http://europe.nokia.com/link?cid=PLAIN_TEXT_571365 ? ;-)

> If you want to translate developer documentation... This might make
> sense for introductory docs and whatever basic you need to get a basic
> application up & running. However, I wonder how far you can go in open
> source development where English and English documentation is even part
> of the code.

Fully blown translation of developer documentation would be overkill.

> What you probably want to translate are the tips & tricks for power
> users that are not explained in nokia.com, nor in the official
> documentation. Then the wiki is your friend and you have to deal only
> with a reduced subset of the whole thing. 

Aye. This would be a good start.

> We can also discuss about translating or offering localized versions of
> maemo.org pages. Would work for intro, but each section is a different
> case.

A localized download section would make sense when there is more 
localized software out there. Then a rating for the need user 
experienced (novice / advanced / expert) would also be nice.

Kind regards,


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