[maemo-users] WPA difficulties

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sat Nov 17 17:15:24 EET 2007
technut wrote:
> One last thought... when you imported that cert, did you import it to 
> the User or the Authorities section?  Should be Authorities.

Yes, it went into Authorities.

> technut wrote:
>> Sorry, I can only tell you what worked for me.
>> a) The only way I know of to be sure which CA root cert to Trust is by 
>> asking your system guys which cert vendor is providing the cert for 
>> the Radius server.  In your case if they are acting as their own CA, 
>> then their root cert needs to imported (as you have done) and then 
>> Trusted for WLAN (as you have done).

Should only WLAN be checked, not Mail and Browser also?

>> b) I know there is a checkbox setting in Windows to enable/disable 
>> server cert checking on connections... not sure about the others.  
>> There doesn't seem to be any equivalent setting on OS2007.

I think this is the problem. My understanding -- possibly faulty -- is 
that cert checking is optional, so connection software shouldn't do it 
unless specifically asked. As I said, no other computer on campus has 
ever asked for or checked the cert: not Mac, not Windows, not Linux, 
except the N800. My guess is that this is just a bug -- an oversight in 
the procedures. There should be a checkbox for this option alongside the 
other one.

>> I don't have any other ideas for you, sorry.   As you know, it will 
>> still connect if you click the OK on the warning message before the 
>> connection times out.

Yes, actually connecting works OK that way. Thanks for the help.


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