[maemo-users] maemo.org localization (was Re: non-English blogs on Planet maemo?)

From: Mike Morrison mike_morrison at alumni.uvic.ca
Date: Mon Nov 19 23:23:59 EET 2007
On Nov 19, 2007 12:44 AM, Quim Gil <quim.gil at nokia.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-11-16 at 13:53 +0100, ext Christian Otto Stelter wrote:
> > I would like to see one planet per language.
> Alright, but if this is the case then it is also reasonable to request
> several feeds available in language X before opening an own planet. Any
> ideas on how to proceed on this?

Why not put all the feeds into the main planet and have links under
each feed to translate into language of choice (using google or babel
fish or something similar)? I would hate to miss out on interesting
posts just because they're not in my language. For people who don't
like seeing all the languages, add an option to filter based on
language (something like:
http://maemo.org/news/planet-maemo/?language=en ). It would certainly
be a lot easier than managing several different planets.

just my 2 cents,


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