[maemo-users] [Gpe-list] GPE Calendar colors

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Tue Nov 20 17:48:10 EET 2007
Florian Boor wrote:
> Hi,
> Ryan Pavlik schrieb:
>> It seems to be fairly well-agreed-upon that the LCARS theme is
>> quite broken on any recent IT OS release, and in fact can only be
>> removed properly by reflashing.  While I don't know the specifics
>> of the color situation, I'd imagine it might use the GTK system
>> colors.
> I guess the problem is that the LCARS theme changes the default font
> colour to white and gpe-calendar does just use the default colour. A
> proper fix would be to set the font colour in gpe-calendar to a fixed
> value wherever the background colour is set.

I'd come to pretty much the same conclusion. The problem is, *where* do
you set this? There is no config option for colors on either the Nokia
N800 port or the Ubuntu one.

I could even try recompiling it if someone would explain what to set and
where (and where to find the toolchain for cross-compiling the N800
version on Gutsy).

If it's a single byte needs changing, and someone knows what the offset
is, editing the binary is also an option :-)

The *right* option, of course is to fix LCARS, but there doesn't seem to 
be a lot of movement there (no followup to my post on the topic). I'm 
CCing this to the author in case he has some pointers.


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