[maemo-users] maemo.org localization (was Re: non-English blogs on Planet maemo?)

From: Christian Otto Stelter cosinus at unit42.de
Date: Fri Nov 23 01:19:48 EET 2007

Quim Gil wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 20:14 +0100, ext Christian Otto Stelter wrote:
>> What about a little maemo-users/maemo-developers driven survey?
> What about asking users to add this data to a wiki page instead? 

Like on http://debian-community.org/planets/ where the blogs are put 
into the feeds via entry? Nice solution btw. A colleague pointed me to 
this approach while discussing possible solutions.

I've added some entries to wiki overview page. If the lists of different 
languages gets to long, I will move it to a sub page.

Take a look whether you like it or not (all readers here are welcome for 
comments). See Planet Maemo / International Feed Collection near the end 
of the page.

See also the language specific subpages:

https://maemo.org/community/wiki/planetmaemofeedsde/ (translated)

I've added an extra email address for those who are unable or unwilling 
to use a wiki.

> We are over thousand users in this list and perhaps your call would be
> successful...

Worth a try. ;-) An extra email of me will follow shortly.

> I agree on all your "the community decides" points. Let's see how the
> theory gets implemented, though.
> About proper i18n, perhaps the solution is indeed to offer
> maemo.org/XX/news where XX would be a language code (or a similar
> variant, just to get an idea of the implementation. Feeds like
> http://technorati.com/search/maemo?authority=a4&language=es
> [..]
> would assure a minimum flow of information.


> All this makes me think that perhaps what we want now is a planet-int to
> aggregate easily all the non-English blogs inside the current default
> English setting, while we work for better i18n in maemo.org next year?

Would be fine for me.

Kind regards,

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