[maemo-users] New, renamed version of 770-encode video converter now available

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Fri Nov 23 10:36:25 EET 2007
En/na Brad Midgley ha escrit:
> Hey
> I'll reask since I meant to ask on-list.
> dvd://1 and dvd://2 get the english audio, but for some reason dvd://3
> and dvd://4 came out spanish. This disk has csi-ny tv series...

I had the same problem with vdr recordings, maybe some weirdness in the 
way mencoder select the audio track if none is specified. For the time 
being I hard encoded the parameter "-aid 0" in 770-encode. Don't know if 
that would work with a dvd.
Maybe the proper solution would be to add a parameter to the new 
tablet-encode to specify the audio track, and if none is specified 
default to "-aid 0".
Then add language selection to mediaserv.
Then I can try to add vdr support to mediaserv ;-)
(no seriously, I hadn't time to look at it yet, but I'll try, the only 
problem is, I don't know when :-( )


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