[maemo-users] New, renamed version of 770-encode video converter now available

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Fri Nov 23 12:49:37 EET 2007
On Nov 23, 2007 10:37 AM, Luca Olivetti <luca at ventoso.org> wrote:
> En/na Andrew Flegg ha escrit:
> > However, you /don't/ need to hack the script. You can use the "-m"
> > option on tablet-encode to pass things through to mencoder:
> >
> >     tablet-encode -m-aid -m1 dvd://3 ep3.avi
> well, in that case I would have had to hack mediaserv instead, so no big
> difference ;-)

Yeah, there's still that to do to let it be selectable on a per-file basis.

> I'd try -aid 0 as a default (just to check if it works).

Presumably this is what mencoder is doing already though? I might have
to dig through its code and find its default aid selection algorithm -
a quick Google isn't being particularly helpful.

I should probably create a user's list on the mediautils project and
this discussion should be moved there. (Although maemo-users isn't
particularly high-volume)



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