[maemo-users] Using 'bora' repos on tabletOS2006?

From: Michael Stepanov michael at stepanoff.org
Date: Sat Nov 24 09:58:42 EET 2007
Try to use OS2007 Hacker Edition. Some libs from bora can be used under
OS2006 - libxmu6 for example.

On 11/24/07, Norman Steinbach <norm at nsteinbach.de> wrote:
> Hello @ all,
> I am quite new to the internet tablets, and since i only had the money to
> afford a 770 device, which annoyingly is not suported for (non-hacker) use
> of tabletOS2007, i would like to know if or how it is possible to install
> packets from the 'bora' repositories onto my device. Background is that i
> would like to use software like 'winzig', which requires python - but i
> haven't found python in the 'mistral' repos. There are also some other
> programs, i'm interested in (like evince as a replacement for the crappy
> built-in pdf-reader), but which seem not to appear being in any 'misral'
> repos. When i tried adding the 'bora-extras free non-free' repo into my
> sources.list, it only produced a bunch of error-messages when 'apt-get
> update'ing...
> Can you please help me, or is what i want principally impossible, until
> there will hopefully a tabletOS-2007 be released for 770 devices?
> Thanks & greetings,
> Norm at n
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