[maemo-users] Patriot Class 6 8GB or 16GB SD card?

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sun Nov 25 13:25:23 EET 2007
n800SanDiego at spamex.com wrote:
> I just ordered a N800 from Buy.com  during their Thanksgiving
> promotion ($190 USD).   I also ordered a iGo Stowaway keyboard from
> Amazon.com ($30 USD).  I'm looking forward to reciving it; I've
> wanted one of these since the 770 was introduced.

I got both these, but I was recommended NOT to get the Stowaway 
Ultra-Slim but to get the regular model instead. Good advice: I've since 
seen the Ultra-Slim and while it *is* slimmer, it's crippled -- not 
enough keys and not enough space.

BTW does anyone know how to generate an ESC character from the Stowaway 
in such a way that it's passed to the application? The keyboard's ESC 
*function* (Fn-TAB) pops up the N800 menu, so it becomes impossible to 
exit text-entry mode in vi, for example.

> Now I need to select some memory.

I bought a couple of 2Gb SD cards. I may go for a bigger one later.


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