[maemo-users] Patriot Class 6 8GB or 16GB SD card?

From: Austin Che maemo at austinche.name
Date: Mon Nov 26 06:02:29 EET 2007
> BTW does anyone know how to generate an ESC character from the Stowaway 
> in such a way that it's passed to the application? The keyboard's ESC 
> *function* (Fn-TAB) pops up the N800 menu, so it becomes impossible to 
> exit text-entry mode in vi, for example.

    I use xmodmap to fix this problem by undefining keycode 117, i.e.
    keycode 117 = 
    instead of the default
    keycode 117 = Menu

    I actually use xmodmap to use a dvorak layout but I have a qwerty
    layout here that should work also:
    I also I have some other changes in the xmodmap file such as
    remapping the caps lock key to control. So the simplest and most
    direct solution to your problem, if that's all you want to fix, is
    to run the following command:
    xmodmap -e "keycode 117="
    The default has the Fn key mapped to Menu which causes the menu to
    pop up and none of the Fn keys working. By undefining it, all the
    blue Fn keys should work as intended.

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