[maemo-users] I have USB host!

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Wed Nov 28 02:01:33 EET 2007
Ok.  On OS2008 I did the following.

1.  Got a femail to femail connector so I can attach keyboard cable to 
the IT USB cable.

2.  ran this command in a term window (where # is teh command prompt) 
as root.

   # echo "host" > /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/mode

3.  plugged in the keyboard.

4.  Ignored complaints about unsupported device and began to type and 
giggle like a madman *grin*.

NOTE:  I'm in R&D mode not sure if this works outside of this mode 


PS.  I also connected  a pen drive... It claimed the device was 
ussuported then ... it opened the file manager mounted the device and 
showed me the files!!!!

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