[maemo-users] Problem in 2008 and looking for duplicate

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Thu Nov 29 05:32:20 EET 2007

   OK.  Since I installed 2008 If experienced a marked decrease in 
batter life.  As in total IDLE time is around 1 hour.  This is of 
course not good.  So I started looking and I've found that even after 
a reboot something called metaplayer-crawl is running my cpu 
constantly at around 94-98% ...However if i do something else like 
say hit a key on the keyboard.  It will play nice .... release cpu 
and then climb right back up again.  I can't kill it it comes right 
back at the same high levels.  In short.  my n800 is all but useless 
because of this.  

  Is anyone else seeing this?


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