[maemo-users] further beating on OS2008 beta

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Thu Nov 29 11:49:01 EET 2007

   So far a large part of my problems are sitting around apps that 
aren't yet ported to 2008.  unzip, radio, mplayer, nmap, omweather 
are a few that are  in the repository but don't install.  For now 
there are some things I don't understand.  I'm not trying to step on 
toes.  I just don't understand.

1.  Why did Nokia decide to change the industry defacto standard term 
plugin and change it to component?  tools > components shows you the 
browser plugins.  

2.  Why oh Why did someone take something as useful as xterm and 
improve to the point of being almost unusable?  I can't file bugs, as 
it is apparently doing what it is supposed to.   However, what it 
does really drives me nuts.  Maybe it's just me.  

 Why did they remove the useful tabs and replace it with multiple 
windows?   Given that there is no WM in the traditional sense you 
can't resize and move between them easily.  Tabs afforded the ability 
to quickly manage multiple term windows (my record on the IT is 10 
tabs.) Windows bring this to a grinding halt. 

Why did they move the "button" bar to the bottom.  Down there is 
steals valuable screen real-estate from you.  

Why is it that they split the adjust background color and font color 
into two different locations in the settings gui?

Why did they increase the steps to use the ctrl key in the button bar?  
Before to do cntrl-c it was 2 clicks one on cntrl one on c ... now 
it's 5.  cntrl - text box - c - ok - screen  during this time the 
keyboard closes 2 or 3 times.  This can make vi a real PITA too. 

Perhaps I'm just using the IT differently from most, I don't view it 
as sterility a muti-media toy.  To me it's my #1 tool for doing my 
job, so perhaps I'm a bit sensitive.  Sorry if I sound ranty I don't 
mean to be but I am wondering why so may drastic changes were made to 
a really good app.


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