[maemo-users] OS2008 on n800 - Nice Job

From: Ville Reijonen vilre at cs.tut.fi
Date: Fri Nov 30 16:56:29 EET 2007
>>>>>> Also lot of scrolling in launch menu will need getting used to. Is
>>>>>> there some secret gconf setting to bring old stylus optimized menu
>>>>>> layout with small items back?
>>>>> AFAIK no. The good side is that you can use it with thumb.
>>>> This was posible in OS2007 too, thumb hit popped up large menu, stylus
>>>> hit smaller menu which was consistent with behaviour or virtual
>>>> keyboard. Looks like small menu just silently went away. I will miss that.
>>> AFAIK it was not possible to make thumb detection reliable enough.
>>> The detection was based on "pressure" information, but strong press
>>> with stylus gives as much pressure as light press with thumb (=larger
>>> area) and the touchscreen sensitivity might differ a bit between
>>> devices, different parts of the screen and that changes over time too.
>> I don't use OS2008, but I know I'll miss the stylus-sized menus.
> About the menus I really don't think you'll miss the stylus.
> With the control panel / panel customization / organise
> you can put 5x6 or 6x6 applications in the menu all
> accessible in three thumb presses requiring zero finger agility,
> with everything seen on the screen, and with 6 applications accessible
> in two thumb presses since the first menu "my selection" is
> automatically opened. For more you just have to thumb press the big
> scroll buttons a few times.

Lets say that I would have 150 program icons (*) in the menu. 6 folders 
with 25 icons in them, or 25 folders with 6 icons, or as average case 12 
folders with 12 icons.. if you have more than 7 levels visible you can 
see only 5 levels and scrollers. Because there is no subfolders in 
os2008 we end up with a lot of slow scrolling around. And scrolling 
takes time, too much time. Waaay too much time.

The solution is good for finger access, but the solved problem is wrong. 
The problem is not finger access, it is fast and easy access. And the 
answer is not scrolling. Why are the submenus disabled?? Why isn't the 
menu be in two rows instead of one?? Why I can't choose the menu type??

(*) I have 132 program icons on os2007 which I use 40 regularly, 40 
irregularly and rest are just there waiting for usage. I have 14 on 
Simple Launcher with big icons for fast access. I use subfolders and I 
don't need to scroll at all when searching for a program.

And then the ramblings on the process:

For sure the thing x is correct agains the spesification, WONTFIX, but 
for an outsider that is always an excuse. We haven't seen the 
specification, we even can't change it, but we know what we would like 
to see. 'Corrent' doesn't mean that it is right. Menu source atleast is 
open (I suppose?) so one can hack it (fast) unlike some closed 
components. Maybe this is the bazaar/cathedral problem.. With dealing 
with (F)OSS enviroment more agility is wanted & needed. "Release early. 
Release often. And listen to your customers".

But otherwise really good work. It is already sweet .. The process is 
the hard part.. maybe when os2010 is out :)


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