[maemo-users] PATH Issue

From: Mike Mellor alaskamike at gmail.com
Date: Mon Oct 1 04:04:32 EEST 2007
On Sep 28, 2007, at 2:46 PM, Simon Pickering wrote:

>> More newbie problems!
>> I am trying to get ruby running on my 770.  I downloaded the tar  
>> file and
>> installed it in /var/lib/install/usr.  I created a .profile that  
>> added that
>> directory to the PATH.  After rebooting the 770, it does not seem  
>> to be
>> working properly.  Here is my .profile:
> This may not be directly related, but you are making life hard for  
> yourself installing things where they shouldn't be. It looks like  
> you've been reading the (very very) old packaging instructions.  
> Things are no-longer installed under /var/lib/install. Instead they  
> are installed in the usual location /usr/bin and so on. This makes  
> life easier when building things and also means the end user can  
> update the binaries that come pre-installed.

It's still not working for me.  I logged in as root (sudo gainroot)  
and did this:
cd /usr
tar zxvf /media/mmc1/ruby-1.8.4.nok770d.tar.gz

I then rebooted the computer.

Everything appears to be in the right place, but I can't run the  
programs.  Here's what I get:

sh: ruby: not found

What am I doing wrong?


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