[maemo-users] 4.2007.38-2 available

From: Gary Baribault gary at baribault.net
Date: Tue Oct 2 22:34:29 EEST 2007
OK then, can I beat up on them? I agree, this is a lousy way of doing
the updates, I cannot suggest this device to anyone if every time there
is an update, all applications have to be re-installed!! Why can't the
update take a proper#full backup to a flash card, dump a list of
applications, and after the flash, re-install the latest updated

It would have to be possible to overide, since some applications would
need to be updated, and it should be possible to tell the device to go
aheah and wipe everything out, but what where going to have here soon is
many devices out of date because people don't want to go through with
the update and then 2 - 4 hours of re-installs. That's not only
dangerous but very lousy for the reputation of the device.

Gary Baribault
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Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
> Thanks, John.  I shouldn't have lost my cool.  If you go to the regular
> update site, this 'fix' wasn't listed.  If it is just a minor fix (major to
> some folks), it makes even less sense to completely flash the device.
> Ok, I'm going to stop beating up Nokia now and do some work... :-)
> Nick.
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> Nick,
> I share your pain and I wholeheartedly agree. The product will not find 
> traction in the business market (if that is a market in which Nokia has 
> interest for this product) unless this problem is fixed.
> Also it would be helpful if Nokia would clearly specify ALL of the 
> changes in this release. Is there any reason not to?
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> John Holmblad
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> Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
>> I can't believe that Nokia still expects its users to reload 
>> everything in order to install a patch. This has got to be the most 
>> poorly designed OS I've ever encountered. Fixing this should be their 
>> #1 priority.
>> I'm sorry to vent but this makes no sense. Many, like me, held off 
>> updating the last 'update' so bugs could be worked out. I waited until 
>> almost mid-August before updating and it took me a few hours to 
>> re-install all the applications I had before. To expect us to do that 
>> every time a new release comes out is absurd. I've done this twice 
>> now. No way will I install this patch and go through that headache 
>> After the first release a message went out saying the next release 
>> would fix it. I bought my N800 the day it was released and here we 
>> are, three releases later, and still no fix in sight. L
>> Nick.
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