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From: Gary Baribault gary at baribault.net
Date: Tue Oct 2 23:24:56 EEST 2007
I have a cell and have had one for a long time .. I use it to make phone
calls and ignore the MP3/WEB and Camera. I also have three digital
cameras I don't need another one. I have a Creative Zen M with a 30Gig
drive that I'm looking forward to giving to my son when I start to use
my N800 for MP3s. I didn't buy the Apple IPhone because it's closed and
forces me to buy DRM laden MP3s from a snooty Apple. Sorry not
interested .. I bought the N800, because it runs Linux, it's open and
it's just about perfect. I bought it because I want a mobile Internet
browser, with enough memory, and I wanted a WiFi XTerm portable that
could play MP3s and make VoIP calls. The built in camera is a nice
bonus, for chatting ... not for pictures.

I'm sure that I'm not the only person who was waiting for this, I was
even tempted with the IPhone, but would never have used the ITunes.

Nokia is very close to perfect with this, but it is NOT a phone, it's a
very small laptop or a big Palm/IPaQ .. it should be treated as such. I
know that it's ressource constrained, but I would be surprised if anyone
doesn't have a free 2/4 Gig external card that they would gladly insert
during upgrades to give Nokia a little extra storage during upgrades if
that's what they need.

I'm not that pissed off, but am making a suggestion that would allow me
to suggest to about 20 or 30 friends in IT that THE device is finally
here. Heck, my dad is near 80, was in IT for 30 years and would love to
have one for his travels rather that his Thinkpad T23, but not if he has
to re-install everything every time he updates it.

Gary Baribault
Courriel: gary at baribault.net
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Michael Wiktowy wrote:
> On 10/2/07, Gary Baribault <gary at baribault.net> wrote:
>> OK then, can I beat up on them? I agree, this is a lousy way of doing
>> the updates, I cannot suggest this device to anyone if every time there
>> is an update, all applications have to be re-installed!! Why can't the
>> update take a proper#full backup to a flash card, dump a list of
>> applications, and after the flash, re-install the latest updated
>> applications?
>> It would have to be possible to overide, since some applications would
>> need to be updated, and it should be possible to tell the device to go
>> aheah and wipe everything out, but what where going to have here soon is
>> many devices out of date because people don't want to go through with
>> the update and then 2 - 4 hours of re-installs. That's not only
>> dangerous but very lousy for the reputation of the device.
> This conversation has been had many times in the past and Nokia has
> resisted it since it complicates updates in a huge way. It is a fact
> that it is more difficult to do this on a resource constrained system
> like the Internet Tablets than on a regular desktop. Now Nokia
> realizes that users really really want this and are putting in the
> resources to make it happen according to their presentations. I
> suspect that we will see it in Chinook or (more likely) Diablo.
> However, I think people's perceptions that Nokia not offering this
> functionality in the first place is an outrage against Nature are born
> from their mistaken belief that the Internet Tablets are just a small
> desktop machine and have the same constraints and should behave the
> same way. Reality is that they are much closer to the resource
> constrains of a cell phone and I don't know of a single cell phone
> that doesn't just wipe everything that isn't on the SIM or external
> memory card on a firmware update ... if they offer a firmware updates
> at all. Just look at the iPhone firmware fiasco happening right now.
> The iPhone has about the same resource contraints as an N800. Apple is
> not even letting users *install* third party apps and are
> intentionally bricking them if they have hacked it open. So compared
> to that user-hostile treatment, living with a Nokia device is not so
> hard to take.
> All that being said, I am not sure how many apps you have but
> reloading my IT after a firmware update has never taken me 2-4 hours.
> There are things that you can do to make it much quicker. Make a
> backup on the external card. That will save your bookmarks,
> preferences ... pretty much everything except your installed apps. If
> you save the .install file (or the .deb file for those apps without
> one) each time you install an app, it is trivial to figure out what
> you need to install again after a firmware update. If you keep your
> application data on an external memory card, it will be nearly
> instantly accessible once you do reinstall. The data on the internal
> card will be instantly accessible once you restore the backup.
> Just a few thoughts to make your update less traumatic.
> /Mike
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