[maemo-users] 4.2007.38-2 available

From: drfredc at drfredc.com drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Wed Oct 3 02:27:00 EEST 2007
> I'm sure that some of the N800 owners can backup/flash/restore in 20
> minutes, but I would really be curious how many people take over 90
> minutes.
  If you limit your curiosity to those over 90 minutes, you'll 
purposefully skew the results, which really isn't appropriate. 

  I'm a 20 minute flash and restore kind of guy, back in August when I 
got the unit back from warranty service due to it's brick like 
behavior.  Most of that time was spent watching TV while the unit and 
laptop did their work.

  However, it's possible that it's easy and short for me because I've 
kept things relatively simple on my N800 with a couple games, Gizmo 
Project, Quiver photo viewer and Claws mail being just about the only 
additions.  I've configured about 20 RSS feeds and 4 weather stations.   
I've tested a fair amount of other stuff from Maemo, but then when I 
find it of limited value or unfunctional, I remove it to keep the 
clutter down.   It seems to speed boot up keeping things simple.  I 
gather it may also help the restore process...

   I guess the fine print is I've only recently started messing around 
getting Claws Mail up to full speed with filters and stuff, so it might 
be possible that I might have to spend some time fussing with restoring 
some Claws settings there from a restore, but then again, perhaps not.  

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