[maemo-users] 4.2007.38-2 available

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Wed Oct 3 04:13:05 EEST 2007
These #s mean nothing without taking into account target user as you

Do Nothing: This person buys device, installs a few apps and nothing
Minimal: These users install bunches of apps, certificates, pgp keys
Maxmimum: Power Users/Devt who fully tweak device, custom drivers, conf
edits, perhaps beyond restore-ability

So for primary audience...what is prob' 30min. reinstall time isn't too bad.


Gary Baribault wrote:
> Yep, that's exactly what I mean, some people have put down 430$ (in
> Canada) for a nice toy, and they can flash and restore in 20 minutes,
> but most people (I think, and I may be wrong) have put down 430$ for a
> fully customised device .. I'm not looking to be skewing information, if
> i'm wrong, then I'm wrong, no prob, then Nokia is right!
> Gary Baribault
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> drfredc at drfredc.com wrote:
>>> I'm sure that some of the N800 owners can backup/flash/restore in 20
>>> minutes, but I would really be curious how many people take over 90
>>> minutes.
>>   If you limit your curiosity to those over 90 minutes, you'll 
>> purposefully skew the results, which really isn't appropriate. 
>>   I'm a 20 minute flash and restore kind of guy, back in August when I 
>> got the unit back from warranty service due to it's brick like 
>> behavior.  Most of that time was spent watching TV while the unit and 
>> laptop did their work.
>>   However, it's possible that it's easy and short for me because I've 
>> kept things relatively simple on my N800 with a couple games, Gizmo 
>> Project, Quiver photo viewer and Claws mail being just about the only 
>> additions.  I've configured about 20 RSS feeds and 4 weather stations.   
>> I've tested a fair amount of other stuff from Maemo, but then when I 
>> find it of limited value or unfunctional, I remove it to keep the 
>> clutter down.   It seems to speed boot up keeping things simple.  I 
>> gather it may also help the restore process...
>>    I guess the fine print is I've only recently started messing around 
>> getting Claws Mail up to full speed with filters and stuff, so it might 
>> be possible that I might have to spend some time fussing with restoring 
>> some Claws settings there from a restore, but then again, perhaps not.  
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