[maemo-users] The MMC issues (was: 4.2007.38-2 available)

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Oct 4 10:15:27 EEST 2007

ext DrFredC.com wrote:
>>> What I'm not understanding is the big rush to update for a few minor
>>> fixes, especially if there's the known potential of extra user overhead
>>> getting the update and apps all sorted out.   If it aint broke, ...
>> but 4.2007.38 does fix a situation that can brick an sdhc card.
> Fine, if you've got a SDHC card that bricks your unit, there's a couple 
> fixes to consider.
> If you don't want to spend the time messing with your OS, or are looking 
> to buy a SDHC card and don't want to have to worry about OS /card 
> compatibility issues, buy a Sandisk 4G SDHC card, transfer your stuff to 
> it and get back to doing something productive.  If time=money to you, 
> that may be the way to go (sale price around the US is around $50).    
> The Sandisk 4G SDHC card works fine in my N800.

The issue was not about SDHC compatibility but power management.
There were several 2GB Sandisk Ultra II cards that had been damaged.

If you use only the pre-installed/supported Nokia software you're
very unlikely to trigger the issue, but e.g. with Maemo mapper
that's much more likely.

>  Fine print, I'm not sure what n800 OS I've currently got -- it came out 
> in early August. 

You can check the version number from the Control panel About applet.

> Also, if you're thinking of moving an bricking SDHC card into your 
> camera and getting one that works for your n800, SDHC cards don't work 
> in many digital cameras older than this current year,...

	- Eero

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