[maemo-users] ReMoot, turns your N800 into a remote control!

From: Joel Berglund joel.berglund at gmail.com
Date: Fri Oct 5 15:07:27 EEST 2007
*ReMoot* is a remote control that supports many popular multimedia
applications running on GNU/Linux and possibly other *nix platforms as well.
It wraps around these apps and provides a unified and easy-to-use interface
which can be accessed in many different ways.  One way is through your N800!

ReMoot let you control the supported multimedia apps through the N800

Supported apps:
  amarok    aqualung     audacious    banshee    beep    bmp    exaile
gmusicbrowser    juk    kaffeine    kmplayer    kscd    listen    moc    mpd
mplayer*    noatun*    pytone    quark    quodlibet    rhythmbox
smplayer*    totem    vlc*    xine*    xmms    xmms2

Check it out at:
Cheers! /Joel
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