[maemo-users] Improvements in the browser (was Re: 4.2007.38-2 available)

From: John Rudd john at rudd.cc
Date: Sat Oct 6 23:59:24 EEST 2007
Luca Olivetti wrote:
> El Sat, 6 Oct 2007 01:04:19 -0700
> James Sparenberg <james at linuxrebel.org> escribió:
>> On Friday 05 October 2007 12:35:08 Luca Olivetti wrote:
>>> El Fri, 05 Oct 2007 13:25:54 -0400
>>> Steve Yelvington <steve at yelvington.com> escribió:
>>>> I thought the browser tab thing was an urban legend, but it turns
>>>> out they're there, and probably agnostic to the HTML engine.
>>> Nope, the advanced menu option disappears as soon as you install
>>> microb.
>> Luca interesting ... didn't on mine.
> Yes, I lost the option after installing microb, and according to
> internettsalettalk forums I'm not the only one. Now, if is there a way
> to get it back I'd be glad to try ;-)

I don't have an advanced menu on mine, and I haven't installed microb 
since before 2 flashes ago.  And, I didn't restore my settings from 
before ... so I really do have a "clean" image to work from.

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