[maemo-users] Improvements in the browser (was Re: 4.2007.38-2 available)

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Tue Oct 9 11:31:00 EEST 2007
Il 9-10-2007 9:08, "Luca Olivetti" <luca at ventoso.org> ha scritto:

> En/na Quim Gil ha escrit:
>>>> Yes, I lost the option after installing microb, and according to
>>>> internettsalettalk forums I'm not the only one. Now, if is there a way
>>>> to get it back I'd be glad to try ;-)
>> Sorry, I miss these threads. URL?
> http://www.internettablettalk.com/forums/showthread.php?p=79116#post79116
>> The fact is that last week release includes just a patch in the kernel
>> for the MMC driver, nothing else.
> Well, it's not only hearsay, I saw the "advanced" menu with my own eyes,
> but I lost it as soon as I managed to install microb (in fact I noticed
> the advanced menu only because, due to the broken maemo extras
> repository, I couldn't install microb right away after reflashing).
I was one of the first to notice the Advanced menu (and I still have it)
when I flashed the N800 with the latest firmware.
It disappeared as soon as one installs the MicroB browser.
There are, however, reproducible steps to get it back (at least they worked
for me).
What I did before re-flashing the new firmware:

1) backup of everything with the internal Backup/Restore utility
2) flash
3) as soon as it noticed the backup, I've restored it.

That's it. When it completed the first boot I had the "Advanced" menu entry
in my browser.

You can have more info in the ITT forum at the link that Luca already
provided to you.


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