[maemo-users] BBC reviews N800 with 3 other devices

From: John Rudd john at rudd.cc
Date: Wed Oct 10 18:18:01 EEST 2007
Alan Williamson wrote:
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7033352.stm
> "The N800 has support from a wealth of third parties and looks to be 
> more of a hobbyist device."

I think that's true.  In some regards, the N800 is still a hobbyist 
device.  Certain things I think you'd find as "key functions" in a PDA 
aren't bundled into it from the factory, and don't have syncing ability 
with desktop applications.  So, you have to depend on 3rd parties to get 
basic functionality into the PDA ... and while that's fine with me, it's 
also more of a hobbyist thing than a consumer thing.

I'm not sure where they got the idea that the menus are difficult or 
annoying ... the one and only annoyance I have with the application 
menus are that pop-up/context menus are difficult to invoke reliably.  I 
asked, via an enhancement request, that there be some other way to 
invoke that functionality, but the response I got back wasn't positive.

But, it certainly wouldn't hurt for the various pieces of the review to 
be taken as "feature requests" by Nokia :-}   For example, a less 
menu/button driven version of zooming (where you can pick the screen 
region to zoom into, and things like that) would be nice.  A little bit 
better video support (video out ... I don't know if any of the 3rd party 
video players add DivX and n.264, if not, then a nokia 
supplied/supported add-on for that would be nice).

Though, one thing I found lacking in the review: while they mention, 
prominently, the "core functionality" of the other three devices (games 
for the PSP, video player for the archos, music player for the iPod), 
they only mention the Nokia's communication capability in passing (one 
small mention of "internet telephony").  Lets see you make skype VOIP 
calls, and google-talk video chats, on the other devices.  I think they 
should have mentioned this as one of the major bullet items, since a) 
it's a nokia device, and communication is as big to Nokia as music is to 
an iPod, and video is to the archos, and b) it rounds out the mention of 
the core functions of _all_ 4 devices.

The top 3 apps I have on simple launcher are, after all, communication 
applications.  Pidgin, Claws-Mail, and xterm (for ssh).  To me, that's 
what the N800 is about: staying connected.  The iPod Touch certainly 
doesn't give me those capabilities (my final choice was "iPod Touch" vs 
"N800", and the N800, so I compared them on this very closely).  I don't 
recall it being a strength of the archos either ... though, if the PSP 
has AIM, YIM, Jabber, IMAP, and ssh ... I'd love to hear about it.  Even 
if it does, I wouldn't expect Sony to make them a core supported piece 
of the PSP's design, yet Nokia did make communication a core part of the 

(the other annoyance I have with the review: they talk about how easy it 
is to do music with the iPod, but completely forget to mention that the 
Nokia has a built in rhapsody client, internet radio player, AND FM 
radio ... I know people who wont buy the iPod Touch nor iPhone because 
it lacks the FM radio)

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