[maemo-users] Someone has tried Devicescape?

From: David Rudder drig at noses.org
Date: Wed Oct 10 19:45:37 EEST 2007
You know what they say. "Never attribute to malice that which can be 
explained by stupidity".

I'm a software developer and I've made exactly these kinds of mistakes 
more than once. DeviceScape doesn't strike me as the sort of company 
that would intentionally disobey your settings. It seems to me like more 
of an oversight.

Also, "viral" usually means that it spreads itself to other machines. I 
don't think DeviceScape is doing that. It's just losing preferences.


John Rudd wrote:
> I downloaded it, and installed it.  Didn't find it immediately useful to 
> my situation, so I turned it off, thinking that I'd try it again later 
> when I was able to get them specific information for the wifi login page 
> at work, so that they could support it.
> And it turned itself back on when I next powered up.
> And I turned it off again, and unchecked it in the Navigation control panel.
> And it turned itself back on when I next powered up, having also 
> re-enabled itself on the Navigation control panel.
> So I did it again, in case I had missed a step.
> And it did it again.
> So I uninstalled it.  And wont ever use it again.
> Anything that decides to over-ride my decision to not use it is a 
> complete piece of crap.  On the basis of its viral nature alone, I 
> heavily recommend against using it.  Who knows what other nefarious 
> things its doing under the hood (and, yes, I consider "re-enabling 
> itself", after the user specifically and directly disabled it, to be 
> "nefarious").  Or if it's not doing it now, what things the company 
> might add to it once you're comfortable with it over-riding your 
> settings for you.
> Jose Manrique Lopez de la Fuente wrote:
>> Hello,
>> have anybody tried this app?:
>> http://www.devicescape.com/pub/download.do
>> Thanks and best regards,
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