[maemo-users] What is the latest solution to setup n800 as a usb host device?

From: Łeandro Sales leandroal at gmail.com
Date: Thu Oct 11 06:42:25 EEST 2007
My situation/requirements is:
1 - I have a usb-eth wifi devide;
2 - I have the latest linux-omap kernel that I compiled for my n800;
3 - Due to proprietary issues, nokia does not release the linux driver
for the built-in n800 wifi interface;
4 - Then I want to use my usb-eth to enable wifi connections.
Is this possible? Does someone can help me?

Leandro Melo de Sales.
Pervasive and Embedded Computing Laboratory
BRisa and E-Phone Projects Manager
Network Admin @ http://embedded.ufcg.edu.br/
+55 083 3310-1404 (extension 208)

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