[maemo-users] 3 months of use: some comments about the N800

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Thu Oct 11 17:34:59 EEST 2007
Daniel M German wrote:
> I am not sure this is the best place to post this information. But
> hopefully somebody at Nokia will be listening.
> After almost 3 months of use I have to say the N800 is the best PDA I
> have ever owned. I just came back from a 10 days trip where it became
> my main computer, and I am very happy with it.
> These are some comments that perhaps could be addressed to make the
> next generation of the N800 an even better product.

Allow the scroll bar to be moved to the left side of the screen for us 
lefties.  It's really annoying to have to use the one on the right side.

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