[maemo-users] 3 months of use: some comments about the N800

From: John Rudd john at rudd.cc
Date: Thu Oct 11 18:36:24 EEST 2007
Kemal Hadimli wrote:
> On 10/11/07, Daniel M German <dmg at uvic.ca> wrote:
>> ** Soft-power off mode. I have enabled it with a long press of the on-button.
>>    Unfortunately it does not disable the keys. It would be nice if it
>>    did, except for a long-press of the on-botton again.
> softpoweroff works better if you assign it to the short press. I use
> it that way and it also locks the keys. I also made it so that the
> long press brings up the power menu.

How do you re-assign the power button settings?

And this reminds me of a feature I found severely lacking recently:

Monday morning I set two alarms on my N800.  First time I've done any 
alarms.  So, one goes off .. and then a few minutes later, my N800 
freezes (the "nokia white screen of death").  I couldn't get it to 
respond to anything, not even the power button.  I don't know if it was 
caused by the alarms, or what ... but that's not my point.  In order to 
get it to power off, I had to pull the battery.  I don't consider that 
to be an acceptable action (for one, I had no idea what kinds of power 
spikes it might send into the device as I was wiggling the battery out, 
since it's not an easy battery to pull).

When it came back up, it didn't fully reboot.  The alarm function wasn't 
in the status bar, and it still wasn't responding to the power button. 
So, this time I opened up an xterm, ssh'ed into root, and told it to 
reboot.  When it came back from that, all was fine again.

What this leads to is: soft power buttons are nice for some things, but 
are absolutely useless in other situations.  Sometimes, you need to 
force an action when software and interrupts have been corrupted.

IMO, the N800 _REALLY_ needs:

1) a hardware reset button, probably next to the battery (so, it's 
almost as desperate a situation as pulling the battery, but you don't 
have to actually pull the battery).  Obviously this can't/wont be done 
for the N800, but maybe for the WiMax version, and/or the next 
generation IT.

2) a means of actually invoking the unix "reboot" command without having 
to break into root.  I can probably make "reboot" be setuid root, and 
add it to the status bar graph menu ... but I think that'd be a little 
too easy.  Maybe something you can invoke from the control panel 
application menu: "hard reboot now".

And, while I'm on the subject of power, I'd also like the battery status 
icon to tell me the % of battery charge remaining.  Telling me how many 
hours are estimated to be left is kinda nice, but I'd _also_ like to 
know what % of charge capacity is left.  The only time it does anything 
like that is if it's plugged in, and full, it says "battery is full".

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