[maemo-users] Buying an N800 in the US

From: John Rudd john at rudd.cc
Date: Fri Oct 12 11:38:22 EEST 2007
Chris Vail wrote:
> I just noticed that Neiman Marcus is selling the N800 (along with some other high end Nokia phones) for $400 (but if you shop at Neiman Marcus, you don't care about price).

Amazon (through Tiger Direct) and supposedly a couple other places, have 
it cheaper.  1.5 weeks ago, I bought one for my wife for $360.  Then at 
the end of last week, buy.com had them for $280 or something.

$400 is basically the same as the list price for buying it directly from 
Nokia (which is actually what I did for my N800).  So, I'd only look at 
the $400 from Neiman Marcus if they have them in the store, and you want 
to buy in the store.

According to Buy.com, they still have it for $239.00 with free shipping. 
  The also say Circuit City has it for $299 and free shipping, with J&R 
(JR.com) having it for $299 and $6.95 shipping.

(ironically, buy.com's price for the 770 is over $300, so if you're 
going through buy.com, it's cheaper to get an N800 than a 770)

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