[maemo-users] Nokia 770 with Gizmo and GrandCentral (n800?)

From: dasDasein das at dase.in
Date: Sun Oct 14 01:02:28 EEST 2007
I am attempting to use my 770 with Gizmo and GrandCentral.  I am
experiencing a problems.  The more significant are:

1. When I receive a call to Gizmo and click to answer the call, there
is a problem when trying to use the keypad (or BT Keyboard) in the
Gizmo application to select the number commands for telling
GrandCentral to (1) accept a call, (2) send to answering machine...
and etc.

2. When I log into the GrandCentral mobile website and try to listen
to an audio recording (mp3), I get a "File format not supported" error
message by the audio player.  If I save the file first to the 770, than I
can get
it to play.  Is it that the audio player is not supporting streaming
from GrandCental. (Note: I am using the mobile website, as the regular
website appeas to use flash that is not compatible with the 770 browser.)

Is any one using Gizmo and GranCentral with either the 770 (or n800)?
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