[maemo-users] maemo-users Digest, Vol 30, Issue 32

From: david feldman wb0gaz at hotmail.com
Date: Sun Oct 14 14:45:51 EEST 2007
About playing WAV file...

> 2. When I log into the GrandCentral mobile website and try to listen
> to an audio recording (mp3), I get a "File format not supported" error
> message by the audio player. If I save the file first to the 770, than I
> can get
> it to play. Is it that the audio player is not supporting streaming
> from GrandCental. (Note: I am using the mobile website, as the regular
> website appeas to use flash that is not compatible with the 770 browser.)
> Is any one using Gizmo and GranCentral with either the 770 (or n800)?
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I just updated my 770 to IT2006, installed Gizmo, and am able to make/receive calls as far as I've tested so far.

The problem I have encountered (not grand central, just gizmo) is incoming voice mail files. These are sent (in my case) to a gmail file, and when I attempt to play the attached WAV file, I also get "file format not supported". If I save the file first, and then open with the audio player application, it works OK.

Just wanted to note this as being separate issue from GrandCentral service.


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