[maemo-users] Is there an equivalent of "maemo-bt-plugin" for the N800? (was: Re: N800 gpsbabel supporting the WBT-201)

From: Tilman Vogel tilman.vogel at web.de
Date: Mon Oct 15 01:15:25 EEST 2007
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Rainer Dorsch schrieb:
> thanks, that is very nice news. I describe what I did (hope the helps others):
> First I noticed, that I did not find the package via apt-get. Is gpsbabel not 
> yet in a apt compatible respository?

No, I don't have a debian repository yet. Sorry! Maybe I'll ask at
maemo.org if I may use their extra repository soon. Anyway, I wanted to
gain some confidence that the port works for people before I put it in
some repository...

> I downloaded it manually. 

> I had to install libusb and libcairo2 manually to get gpsbabel and GTK GRays 2 
> installed.

Yes, without an apt repository, that's the way to go...

> After GTK GRays-2 started :-)


> I tried to communicate with the wintec device, but got an "error opening 
> device /dev/rfcomm0".
> Do you know if I have to do anything additionally to get bluetooth working?

Well, on the 770 there is the very convienient maemo-bt-plugin which
supports Bluetooth keyboards and GPS devices. For the latter it exactly
takes care of setting up /dev/rfcomm0.

I was surprised to find out that this does not exist for the N800 but
suspected that there must be some onboard tool which does that and make
maemo-bt-plugin obsolete. Obviously I was wrong.

Does anybody know anything about that? Is there a reason for
maemo-bt-plugin not to exist for the N800?



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