[maemo-users] [OT] Justifying my contribution (was Re: N800 gpsbabel supporting the WBT-201)

From: Tilman Vogel tilman.vogel at web.de
Date: Mon Oct 15 11:29:18 EEST 2007
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DrFredC.com schrieb:
> I gather from your statement that you are in favor of allowing MS to
> continue to dominate the marketplace?   No?   Hmmm,  curious.... 
> Because that's the end result of your attitude towards marketing.

I don't care about MS dominating the marketplace! I am happy that I
don't have to use it, so I also try to contribute a little to open source.

If you like open source and cannot contribute code or such, than maybe
contributing marketing is fine. I wouldn't mind. But please don't tell
me how to shape my leisure time activities.

> However, if you'd like to see less of MS, and more open source stuff,
> get a clue -- market your open source products with a good description
> of what it does and how it does it as well or better than other stuff
> out there.  It doesn't take a marketing department to do these basics...

I just do exactly the right amount of marketing which consists of
writing news items and maintaining application catalogue entries. And
the reason, why this is "exactly right", is that I am the only one to
judge as I don't get paid or am otherwise obliged to justify to anybody
else. And that's what I don't like: You behave like a marketing boss to me.

If you feel some project (or Linux or open source as a whole) deserves
more attention, go ahead, do the research and write some blog posts.


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