[maemo-users] maemo-users Digest, Vol 30, Issue 29

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Tue Oct 16 02:56:31 EEST 2007
On Friday 12 October 2007 08:59:28 Drew Baker wrote:
> This is one thing I really like about my Zaurus 5500.  Granted it's
> dated now, but nice little reset button if need be.  I've had similar
> issues with my 770.  Sudo works well.
> >IMO, the N800 _REALLY_ needs:
> 1) a hardware reset button, probably next to the battery (so, it's
> almost as desperate a situation as pulling the battery, but you don't
> have to actually pull the battery).  Obviously this can't/wont be done
> for the N800, but maybe for the WiMax version, and/or the next
> generation IT.
> 2) a means of actually invoking the unix "reboot" command without having
> to break into root.  I can probably make "reboot" be setuid root, and
> add it to the status bar graph menu ... but I think that'd be a little
> too easy.  Maybe something you can invoke from the control panel
> application menu: "hard reboot now".

Be careful what you wish for.  Don't have my nokia in front of me but if you 
are at all VI savy there is a way.  (Cautions the usual caveats about how you 
can if you so desire really mess things up.)

cd /etc/ on the IT
vi the systemui.xml file

look for a small section that is currently commented out (using html 
commenting of <!-- and --> 

Comment that section back in.  save the file and restart your IT.

Now when you short press the power button the menu will include Reboot and 
Soft Shutdown (suspend like the 770 did when you put the cover on.)


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