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From: Gary Baribault gary at baribault.net
Date: Wed Oct 17 19:12:30 EEST 2007
Yep, but that's exactly what I don't want to do. I have about 60 folders
with mailing lists, I would like to keep the Maemo mails in my inbox and
read them there. If I put them elsewhere I won't see them in real time.
The problem I have of course is distinguishing Maemo mail in my inbox
from SPAM that didn't get dropped...

Gary Baribault

Thomas Clavier wrote:
> Gary Baribault a écrit :
>> Could le mailing list administrator add 'maemo' in square braces at the
>> beginning of the subject for the list please, or something else simmilar?
> with Thunderbird (you use it) you can filter all mail from maemo-user
> list with header field "List-Id:" it's a good solution to put it in
> particular folder.
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