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From: drfredc at drfredc.com drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Wed Oct 17 20:45:35 EEST 2007
If you're using an internet tablet email like the n800s generic email, 
install the Claws email program from Maemo.  With Claws, you can create 
all sorts of filters (like "maemo" in the subject, to and/or cc 
category) plus create various folders to sort the good from the bad to 
support the multi personality's that many have on the internet.  There's 
also a plugin that allows you to view html mail and pictures.  
Supposedly there's an app to port Thunderbird and probably Outlook stuff 
to Claws but I didn't use it. 

Fine print -- store the Claws data file on one of your cards, not the 
internal memory so it survives OS updates.

Gary Baribault wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Could le mailing list administrator add 'maemo' in square braces at the
> beginning of the subject for the list please, or something else simmilar?
> I get a ton of spam in a day with all kinds of stupid stuff in the
> subject line.. The tag at the beginning of the subject would really help!
> Thanks
> Gary Baribault

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