[maemo-users] Steve's Ranty Review #1: N800 ogg support

From: Tilman Vogel tilman.vogel at web.de
Date: Thu Oct 18 12:45:59 EEST 2007
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First of all: Thanks for your review! You wouldn't believe how few
feedback you get these days: The mogg d/l counters show that quite some
people try it, but we get no feedback. So you're tempted to believe
everybody is happy. So thanks again!

Steve Greenland schrieb:
> Current state of ogg support, 17-October-2007.
> Firstly, for some unknown reason there are *two* different ogg support
> packages. One, from Tuomas Kulve, I'll call 'ogg-support'. The second,
> by Marko Nykanen and Tilman Vogel (according to the garage page,but see
> below), is 'mogg'.

Yes, this is unfortunate. I think "mogg" existed first and I was
surprised about the second attempt, but on the other hand at that time
none of the mogg people had an IT OS 2007 scratchbox set up, so nobody
can be blamed. I (silently - my fault) had hoped somebody (maybe Tuomas
Kulve) would contact us to join on mogg some day and support it on the N800.

Anyway, I did some clean-up work on the gstreamer tremor plugin. Some of
these changes make it work with the maemo audio player and kagu. The
changes are documented and can easily be diffed between the upstream
tremor plugin and the mogg version.

I mentioned this to Tuomas Kulve and he offered me to join his project.
I have not responded yet and the reason is that he tries to maintain the
whole gstreamer-plugins-bad package. I didn't want to do this as I was
just interested in the tremor codec and because the package is quite
edgy, I decided to separate the tremor plugin into its own package. I am
really not keen on going back to the "bad" package. Actually, as soon as
tremor get's "kind of" maintained again, it should leave the "bad"
package anyway. Plus, I don't have an N800, so, blame me, I am a bit
egoistic about investing more work in this, but vice versa, I'd be happy
to have N800 developers (Tuomas?) on the mogg project!

> Mogg is available from r.m.o extras. Yea. The packages file shows the
> maintainer for 'mogg' to be Jussi Kukkonen. Libraries are pulled from
> r.m.o when available, no obvious dupes. 

Ok, I'll update that soon. Jussi Kukkonen recently left the project out
of time constraints.

> Onto the players.
> Built in media player: doesn't work. Mogg claims that it should (and
> maybe it does in the IT2006 version), but it doesn't even find the files
> on the card. (It does find MP3s.)

Ok, I am interested in this because it works on IT OS 2006. Do you have
any hints, which files might be missing/wrong?


should register "*.ogg" as "audio/x-vorbis" and it seems on IT OS 2006,
the audio player shows all files of type "audio/*".

> So, long story short (too late!) I'm using kagu with the mogg libraries.

Yes, me too.

Thanks again!


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