[maemo-users] N810 is here

From: Ralph Angenendt ralph+maemo at strg-alt-entf.org
Date: Thu Oct 18 13:26:05 EEST 2007
John Rudd wrote:
> Kahlil Johnson wrote:
> > Wow, still no OGG.... when will maemo people ever learn. Who cares
> > about AAC, give us OGG.
> Huh.  I have many AAC files.  I have no OGG files.  Why should even 
> remotely care about OGG?

How weird. I have no AAC files but a big bunch of ogg files, why should
I even remotely care about AAC?

IOW: What is the point you are trying to make?

> Or is this one of those "you absolutely need it for interesting content 
> in Europe, but it's absolutely useless for content in the Americas" type 
> situations?

Huh? What does it have to do with America/Europe? It's about *open* and
*free* music codecs - neither AAC nor MP3 are free. 

And I don't really see the problem with supporting *also* ogg.


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