[maemo-users] Steve's Ranty Review #1: N800 ogg support

From: Marius Gedminas marius at pov.lt
Date: Thu Oct 18 21:30:34 EEST 2007
On Thu, Oct 18, 2007 at 04:48:35PM +0000, Steve Greenland wrote:
> According to Krischan Keitsch  <krischan.keitsch at alumni.tu-berlin.de>:
> > to a) "Were are all the apps?"
> > One thing that we are missing is a 'distribution' (the debian or ubuntu way) 
> > with primary repositories  and additional repos. etc.
> Actually, I think we *have* that repo: repository.maemo.org. The problem
> is that there is no obvious, straightforward way for Jill Random to get
> her packages into the repo. Is this documented anywhere? A quick browse
> of maemo.org didn't find anything.


I still haven't found the time to do that and instead keep the few
packages I need in my ad-hoc repository :(

> But as I noted, there seems to be some plans to improve this situation.
> And, admittedly, it's not as easy as just letting anonymous people
> upload. Any package can trash the entire system, via the install hooks.
> Debian deals with this by making it so painful to become an official
> developer that the asshats won't make the effort.

I think Ubuntu's MOTU model is worth looking at:

> OTOH, the current situation encourages the addition of random repos to
> the source list, so basically is no different than letting random people
> upload.

My other pet peeve is that this encourages binary-only debs which you
can't then fix/port to a different SDK version.

I sincerely hope Maemo Extras rejects sourceless packages.

Marius Gedminas
Did you know that 7/5 people don't know how to use fractions?
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